Paddling here requires a healthy respect for and a good understanding of the local weather and water (tide/current) patterns. Check out some of the sites below to learn more about how weather patterns work in this area and to get the latest condition reports and forecasts.

University of Washington Atmospheric Science

Coastal Marine Forecast

The best link for northwest coastal marine forecasts including the San Juan Islands and Puget Sound. Users can scroll down the page to find the appropriate forecast area.

NOAA National Weather Service

Ocean Prediction Center Pacific Coast Page

General OPC page: Synoptic charts, surface flow prediction. Offers information for the ‘big picture.’  This is a sweet online resource for weather geeks, like us!


Beautiful weather graphs and maps making in-depth weather information easily accessible.

Deep Zoom Tides and Currents

Animated map of tides and currents in Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands

NOAA Tides and Currents

Find Tide and Current data for anywhere in North America. Also, find educational material and resources for learning more about tides and currents. 

Local Knowledge of the San Juan Islands

Anacortes Kayak Tours If you are coming to go kayaking in the San Juan Islands and can’t get a hold of us then call Anacortes Kayak Tours for local information and planning advice.