The Jellyfish Award

Time to Beat: 44 Days

Body Boat Blade and Werner Paddles are pleased to announce the Jellyfish Award!

A slow and meandering creature, the jellyfish became the mascot of Shawna and Leon’s 44 day trip around Vancouver Island in 2011. They are now challenging teams to go even slower, and take MORE time to explore this incredible place.

Shawna and Leon are encouraging paddlers to be safe, take the time to explore, and truly appreciate the world around them. Life is just too short to run around something as spectacular as Vancouver Island.

The Challenge

The slowest continuous circumnavigation of Vancouver Island will be awarded a Werner paddle of their choice, a bunch of cool Body Boat Blade logo wear, and the prestigious Jellyfish Award. All participating teams will of course reward themselves with the experience of a lifetime!

The Rules

  • Beat the record for the slowest continuous circumnavigation of Vancouver Island.
  • Teams must register with Body Boat Blade before beginning their attempt.
  • Winners will be announced each year on November 1st.
  • Teams must begin and end their circumnavigation from Orcas Island, WA.

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