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We love the chart cases from Axel Shovers because they are the most rugged and truly waterproof chart cases we've found, but they do take a bit of getting used to. This guide should help you get started with your Axel Pack, and have you experiencing the joy of a soggy-chart free existance in no time.

1. Close one end of the case first.

Starting with the chart case completely dismantled:

Axel chart case dismantled

Slide the end of the sleve into the slot on the tube, making sure it's fully set. It should go in about 1/4 inch.

Once the sleve is fully seated in the first tube, roll the sleve around the tube and attach the cap on the open side, running the cord behind the sleve.  

We recommend at least one full roll of the tube, but you can roll it as many times as you need to make it the correct size.


2. Put your chart in the case.

Next, fold your chart to the size you want and slide it into the open end of the sleve. It's sometimes easier to stick your hand in the sleve to open it up first.

Try to get as much air out of the sleve as possible. You can use your forearm to force the air out of the open end.


3. Close the open end.

Slide on the tube and roll it closed just like you did before. Roll the end as much as you need to make the case fit your deck.


4. Mount it on your kayak.

You can attach the clips at the end of the shock cord to the decklines on your kayak

and slip the other end of the case under shock cord running across your deck.


This keeps the case secure and allows you to slide it forward for easy reading.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For unrelated safety reasons, we typically release the deckline from the middle deck fitting show above. This makes that sectiont of deck line easier to grab durring a rescue, and has the added bennifit of allowing us to slide our Axel chart cases all the way up to our spray decks.

And there you have it. No more soggy charts. If you have any questions about your Axel chart case, feel free to give us a call at the shop. 360 376 5388



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