It's Official! Body Boat Blade is for Sale!

Eastsound, WA, Release: March 12, 2019. For Immediate Release

Imagine owning a successful paddlesports brand and lifestyle business!!!...or better said.... Leap and the net will appear!

Seeking an interested party that has plenty of energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to carry on the successful Body Boat Blade brand, paddlesports school, and retail business. Priced affordably, and sellers willing to negotiate sales package. Cheap rent in Eastsound, WA if the retail store stays in its home, but THIS business could be easily moved to operate successfully anywhere in the world!

In a Nutshell:

Body Boat Blade International (BBB) is an award winning paddle sports school and retail business located on Orcas Island, WA. The Body Boat Blade brand and logo are recognized around the world as trusted leaders of quality kayak instruction, experience, and gear.

Some History:

Shawna Franklin and Leon Somme established Body Boat Blade in 2001 hoping to create a way of exposing people to the natural world and helping them to become more proficient and confident in navigating and being in the natural world. Ultimately, they believed that this experience would carry over enriching their students lives and helping them to lead more satisfying lives - and ultimately vote and care for the environment.

Why are we selling now?

Shawna and Leon see it as a good time to pursue their many creative ideas. Shawna is completing a 2 year degree program in Botanical Illustration and is soon to launch her online art website! Leon is creating and building beautiful wooden and mixed material Greenland kayak art pieces that are ready to hang on a wall or in a gallery. (Call or email to your order a piece of truly amazing art made by Leon today!)

Shawna and Leon are planning on continuing to be part of the wider kayaking community and they plan on continuing to do personal trips, give lectures and produce media for print and video. Over the recent years, Leon has embattled some serious health issues and is actively pursuing a treatment and he is continuing to have a positive outlook on life, happiness & living a meaningful & creative life!

How will this affect our returning students and new students?

The 2019 schedule is on hold pending a new owner. Shawna and Leon are making themselves available during the transition for consultation and possible coaching gigs. We are hoping to find a like minded, enthusiastic, and all around great NEW owner that can take what we started and make it even BETTER! We hope to have a new owner in place for classes to start up again SOON!

How much? & What is for sale?

The Body Boat Blade Brand, Logo, Website, school curriculum, and client list. The Pro Retail Shop - a successful retail store including inventory and store fixtures. The successful Body Boat Blade Global e-commerce website.

Asking Price: $75,000 + current valuation of inventory and school equipment. Valuation of inventory based on available inventory at time of purchase. Store fixtures & school equipment can be purchased separately or as bulk purchase. A comprehensive sales/financial package is available upon serious inquiries. Creative timing of purchase and sales of components vs the entire package will be considered.

PS: We'd love to hear from you..

if you have ever taken a class form us... how did Body Boat Blade impact you, your life, and your paddling?


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