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Kayak and Drysuit Rentals

Kayak and Drysuit Rentals!

We offer equipment rentals of kayaks and dry suits for those of you not prepared to drop the big bucks.

Our kayaks are P&H plastic kayaks. We have Virgo, Leo and Scorpio models available.

We have an assortment of Drysuits in our rental fleet including Gore Tex NRS and Kokatat suits.

Start Your Drysuit Reservation Here

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We will process your reservations after they come in and we can confirm that we have the right equipment available. You will not be charged at the time of making your reservation.

If you’re taking a class with Body Boat Blade:

Dry Suit Rental Rates
$25 per day

Kayak Rental Rates
$30 per day

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If you’re renting for a personal/club trip:

Dry Suit Rental Rates
$50 per day

Kayak Rental Rates
$100 per day

A day rental is defined as 24 hours from when you pick up your suit. We will charge the next day’s fee to your credit card if the rental is out past 24 hours as it will inconvenience the next person coming to rent.  All dry suit rentals must be secured with a credit card and signed rental agreement. 

We expect these suits to be used in a whitewater environment. A little wear is normal. However, if you tear the suit, rip a gasket, or destroy the socks, you’ll be responsible for covering the damage or full retail cost of the suit (this decision will be up to the staff member in charge of return). You are responsible for any lost equipment while in their possession. The extent of the liability will be limited to the wholesale cost and freight charges for the product.

Clothing – IMPORTANT

If you are renting a drysuit you must wear long sleeve synthetic (non-cotton) garments under your drysuit, including socks. This is as much for your comfort and safety as it is for the suit. Oils and dirt from our skin can damage the suit material from the inside, and Gore Tex is not a comfortable material on bare skin. You likely have some of these types of clothes in your closet – any hiking base layer will do.

We ask that you wear closed toed shoes or booties over top of dry suit socks. Dry suit socks are made to keep you dry but are not designed for walking around without shoes. Walking or even standing in dry suit socks can damage them and cause leaks. When changing into your drysuit, take care to stand on a tarp, carpet square, or a floor mat from your car.