Combat Rolling and Bracing

img Combat Rolling & Bracing

Combat rolling is all about muscle memory and finding your zen while upside down. In this course we will work on muscle memory, then take your roll into the environment which you will be using it in.

Advanced Deception Pass Clinic

img Advanced Deception Pass Clinic

This is a great kayak class for experienced kayakers wanting to build their rough water kayaking skills. This course is similar to the Deception Pass Clinic but takes place during stronger tidal flows.

Cattle Pass Clinic

img Cattle Pass Clinic

Increase your skills, confidence, and knowledge of the sea in this intermediate/advanced course. Rough water skills, surfing, and strong currents all with the backdrop of the Olympic Mountains!

Deception Pass Clinic

img Deception Pass

Learn to master the challenge that is Deception Pass in this 2-day clinic. Deception Pass is world-renowned as one of the best paddling destinations in the world and is our favorite classroom!

Dynamic Water Courses

Our series of dynamic water sea kayak courses are focused on building your skills and understanding of moving water. This series of fun sea kayaking classes will help you to develop the core of your understanding and knowledge as a paddler. Studying kayak paddling technique through the relationship between the body, boat, and blade, and […]