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Body Boat Blade 2-Day

&sbsp; This class is intended for experienced sea kayakers looking to hone their kayaking skills to a high level of performance in dynamic environments. We develop an understanding of how wind, waves and currents affect our kayaks and how we can use these effects to control our boats with certainty and ease. With the techniques […]


Sea Kayak Foundations 2-Day

Fidalgo Island, WA Fidalgo Island, Anacortes

  This kayak class is the starting place for beginners or for experienced paddlers who desire some coaching to help build a solid foundation to their existing skills. You will learn current sea kayaking techniques in capsize recoveries, body-boat-blade awareness, strokes for steering, going straight, sideways, staying upright, and bracing. Using the foundational concepts of […]


Tides and Currents–San Juan Islands

San Juan Islands, WA San Juan Islands, Anacortes

  If you plan to kayak on the sea then you need to know how to deal with the effects of the daily tides and currents. The San Juan Islands provide the perfect classroom for people who wish to enrich their paddling experience safely explore the coastal environment. Participants in this class will learn how […]