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A successful kayak rescue could be the difference between life and death.  Learn simple kayak rescue skills that work anywhere - from calm water bays to dynamic water environments.  These series of Safety and Rescue classes help you to develop a large "tool box" of practical rescue skills that can be used when you need them most.  Gain the skill and confidence to preform a rescue and how to manage an incident before it gets out of hand. Take a rescue class each year as a refresher. Although the content is serious, the class is fun!



FEE: US $290.00

Dates:Mar 10 - 11, Jul 28 - 29

Prerequisites: Comfortable with wet exits, basic boat handling skills.

In this two day class you will learn how to be prepared for a safe journey on the sea. We will cover solid practical rescues for yourself and others, what equipment is useful and necessary and how to deal with incidents. We will also cover useful strokes to make rescues faster and and more effective, and how to develop a good risk assessment for yourself and your group. Body Boat Blade coaches are certified BCU Foundation Safety and Rescue trainers, and BCU 4 Star Coastal Leadership providers for the British Canoe Union, you can count on us to deliver the most current rescue practices making this is a great introductory or refresher course for every paddler.


FEE: US $290.00

Dates:Call us at the office to find out about upcoming dates or to set up a private session.
(360) 376 - 5388

Prerequisites: BCU 2 Star Skills

This comprehensive class will give you a large "tool box" of practical rescue skills that can be used on flat water or in advanced conditions. With cutting edge knowledge from coaches with the experience to know what does and does not work on the water, you will learn to solve problems that arise during rescues, and which safety products are effective. Risk assessment as a method to avoid needing to do rescues will also be emphasized throughout the course. This class is highly recommended for anyone leading groups or teaching in clubs.

The FSRT is a prerequisite for the BCU coaching curriculum.


FEE: US $290.00

Dates:Apr 21 - 22

Prerequisites: BCU 3 Star skills, a tidal currents course, and a solid roll.

Regardless of the quality of your equipment or how well you prepare for a trip, there is always the unpredictability of the sea and the "human factor". Things can go wrong when you journey on the sea. This one day class is designed to put you in situations you least expected or hoped would never happen. We will be forced to deal with scenarios such as: sea sickness, dislocated shoulders, a heart attack, holes in boats, broken paddles, lost equipment, hypothermia, capsizing while towing, VHF radios with dead batteries, and flares that fizzle. After each incident we evaluate what went right and wrong. We will dissect failed equipment and look at ways to improve its performance in the future. Through two full days of training, we can decrease the chance of these incidences from occurring and increase your ability to deal with them if they should.


How To Register

Contact Body Boat Blade with the names and dates of the classes/trips you would like to register for. We can answer all of your questions, talk about class/trip prerequisites and requirements, and get you signed up!


Body Boat Blade accepts payment with most major credit cards, PayPal, cash (US only), and checks.

A deposit of 1/2 the class fee is due at the time of registration with the balance due at the time of the class.

Cancelation Policy

All cancellations must be in writing and the charged amount is determined upon the date of receipt.

  • 0-30 days before the trip date, guests will be charged 100% of the entire trip cost and no refunds will be made.
  • 50% deposit at time of booking.
  • 60 or more days before the trip date, full refund of all payments less a $100 per person cancellation and handling fee.
  • 31-59 days before the trip date, guests will be charged 50% of the entire trip cost.



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