Core Skills

Learning what it takes to be effective, efficient, and easy on the body; these series of fun kayaking classes are the core to your understanding and knowledge as a paddler.  Studying technique through the relationship between the body, the boat, and the blade, and then applying this knowledge to the environment is our goal. This series of classes will also help to further your understanding of camping from a kayak and help prepare you for planning your future kayak expeditions by developing a method of assessing risk, navigation, and trip planning.



FEE: US $290.00

Dates:Apr 7 - 8, Jun 2 - 3

Prerequisites: Foundation skills / BCU 1 Star award plus some time in your boat, comfortable with a wet exit.

This class is a about developing a deep understanding and mastery of the technical skills used to move your boat where you want it to go with maximum efficiency. From edging to bow rudders, hanging draws to backwards paddling, forward paddling to bracing we will use the body-boat-blade method to analyze and improve your performance.

For students with good basic skills wanting to maximize efficiency. This is a class students can take again and again until that day when your paddling becomes effortless perfection!


FEE: US $290.00

Dates:Jun 16 - 17, Jul 21 - 22, Aug 18 - 19, Aug 25 - 26

Prerequisites: Comfortable with wet exits, basic boat handling skills.

For paddlers at any level capsize recoveries such as rolling, and solid effective bracing are among the most sought after skills in paddle sports. Many of the mechanics of rolling and bracing are the same. At Body Boat Blade we've developed an effective progression to get students to learn and be successful at these highly desired skills. In this class we will spend time developing a solid understanding of what your body needs to do in order to recover from an off-balanced position whether it is slight or a complete capsize. We will help you develop solid foundations for successful practice.

For coaches who teach these skills this is a great class to expand your "toolbox" in helping individuals work through problems learning these skills.


FEE: US $290.00

Dates:Apr 9 - 10

Prerequisites: BCU 2 Star Award or experienced paddler with strong skills but no BCU training, be comfortable with a wet exit and rescues.

This class is intended for experienced kayakers looking to hone their skills to a high level of performance in dynamic environments. We develop an understanding of how wind, waves and currents affects our kayaks and how we can use these affects to control our boats with certainty and ease. With the techniques of solid edge control, subtle and dynamic blade awareness, an active posture and the forces of the environment we develop skillful performance allowing you to take your paddling to new level of performance. Make your paddling more Effective, Efficient, and Easy with this class!


FEE: US $725.00

Dates:Jun 10 - 14, Jun 24 - 28, Jul 15 - 19, Aug 12 - 16, Sep 18 - 22

Prerequisites: Paddler with experience on the water, looking for in-depth knowledge, or 2 Star skills or above. Must be comfortable with a wet exit.

This is our most comprehensive class. For 5 days, you will be immersed in sea kayaking. We will use the pull of the moon to go from one island to another, faster and with less effort. We will learn how to go from a "low oxygen environment" to a "high oxygen environment" with the drop of a leg and a sweep of the paddle. We will eat seaweed, see awesome wildlife, and roast marshmallows by the campfire. This is a learning vacation! With other paddlers and great coaches, you will learn about: kayak technique, kayak rescues, rolling, towing, reading and predicting currents, and navigation.If you are passionate about kayaking, have the stamina to play hard for five days in a row, and love to learn, this is a great class for you!


FEE: US $290.00

Dates:Call us at the office to find out about upcoming dates or to set up a private session.
(360) 376 - 5388

Prerequisites: Comfortable with wet exits, basic boat handling skills.

With some time at the chart table and and some time on the water weaving our way through a beautiful archipelago you will learn the foundations of sea kayak navigation. Using compass, chart, and watch, you will be introduced you to concepts such as fixing your position, planning for currents and wind, reading a chart, and staying on course in areas of moderate tidal movement. You will be well on your way to becoming the captain of your craft!


FEE: US $450.00

Dates:Call us at the office to find out about upcoming dates or to set up a private session.
(360) 376 - 5388

Prerequisites: Comfortable with wet exits, rescues and basic boat handling skills.

This skills development class is a multi-day overnight trip with coaching along the way. Designed for students who have taken classes from us in the past and have a strong foundation of paddling skills who want to continue developing but may not feel ready to paddle the Islands on their own, or for students who want to get more coaching while on a trip. This class can help you further develop your tidal planning, navigation and other personal skills.

Please call our office at 360-376-5388 to schedule a 3 Day Journey on the Sea!



Please note: This is not a guided tour - you will need to be self sufficient and plan and prepare your own meals and work as a competent member of the group on and off the water.

OCEAN CURRENTS : Two Days at Deception Pass2 Days

FEE: US $290.00

Dates:Apr 13 - 14, Apr 26 - 27, Oct 5 - 6

Prerequisites: BCU 2 Star skills or above, safety and rescue class, must be very comfortable with wet exits.

Deception Pass is famous throughout the Northwest for its 8-knot currents, drastic eddy lines, incredible whirlpools, and large upwellings. Many kayakers look at this pass with fear, but with the right coaching and leadership it becomes a playground and an incredible learning environment. We will spend two days using both the ebb and flood to work on applying a full range of strokes efficiently to moving water, including: ferry gliding, sneaking up current lines, entering current backwards, rescues, rolling, and dealing with dynamic water. This class offers tremendous opportunities for the intermediate paddler and will take advantage of everything Deception Pass has to offer.


FEE: US $160.00

Dates:Call us at the office to find out about upcoming dates or to set up a private session.
(360) 376 - 5388

Prerequisites: Some basic paddling skills.

There is a joke in the paddling community: "Let's go learn the advanced kayak strokes also known as the basic canoe strokes." At Body Boat Blade, we have learned that good canoeist make great kayakers. The emphasis of this class is on gaining a breadth of experience, creating desired movement of the boat and developing an understanding of how the paddle, boat and water interact.


How To Register

Contact Body Boat Blade with the names and dates of the classes/trips you would like to register for. We can answer all of your questions, talk about class/trip prerequisites and requirements, and get you signed up!


Body Boat Blade accepts payment with most major credit cards, PayPal, cash (US only), and checks.

A deposit of 1/2 the class fee is due at the time of registration with the balance due at the time of the class.

Cancelation Policy

All cancellations must be in writing and the charged amount is determined upon the date of receipt.

  • 0-30 days before the trip date, guests will be charged 100% of the entire trip cost and no refunds will be made.
  • 50% deposit at time of booking.
  • 60 or more days before the trip date, full refund of all payments less a $100 per person cancellation and handling fee.
  • 31-59 days before the trip date, guests will be charged 50% of the entire trip cost.



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