Advanced Skills

Starting with a solid foundation and understanding of core kayaking skills, these additional classes are designed to expand your horizon, and to deepen your knowledge and experience as a paddler.  Playing in tidal races, navigating at night,  learning “twenty seven” different ways to roll your kayak and learning how to lead a group will all enhance and strengthen your abilities and your confidence as a paddler of any craft.  These classes include the core knowledge for becoming an effective leader on the sea. Knowledge is good, more knowledge is better.  



FEE: US $290.00

Dates:Jul 12 - 13

Prerequisites: BCU 3 Star Skills, Ocean Currents Class, confident rescue skills and a solid roll

Learn the skills and strategies for dealing with the powerful currents, tidal races, and over falls that run through the San Juan Islands. We will explore ferry gliding, how to read water, crossing strategies, and how to predict the time, speed, and direction of currents. These are the skills you need to plan an easy, fun, and safe trip. We start by refreshing your skills, and then we enter these races and build your confidence as the currents increase. This is a great class to start building your rough water skills and broaden your knowledge of the sea. Come to this class with play in mind!


FEE: US $580.00

Dates:Nov 3 - 6

Prerequisites: BCU 3 Star or equivalent skills

Before our circumnavigation of Iceland, a mentor of ours said "if you know you can get warm and dry at the end of the day you can survive almost anything". It was great advice that has paid off many times over. In this class we will share our many years of experience of staying warm and dry on expeditions and winter camping trips in the Pacific Northwest . We will spend one day in the classroom preparing our gear and planning the trip and three days paddling in the wet, windy and cold weather of what the locals call the "off Season". Sounds like a misery-fest but with the right gear and knowledge the "off season" becomes the "on season" and expeditions become vacations!


FEE: US $145.00

Dates:Call us at the office to find out about upcoming dates or to set up a private session.
(360) 376 - 5388

Prerequisites: Well developed technical skills, ability to paddle in currents, a solid roll and a tireless desire to try new things.

This class is for the hard core paddler who just can't get enough of paddling and who never stops wanting to learn new things. This class is one day of mostly messing about in a small boat with some practical outcomes for the committed paddler. Speed Launching from docks, the Dump, the Haggigi, the "No Roll" roll and the Deep-Digitty-Dig will be but a few of the skills we will develop.

COASTAL NAVIGATION & TIDAL PLANNING : Includes BCU 4 Star Requirements3 Days

FEE: US $395

Dates:May 5 - 7

Prerequisites: BCU 3 Star skills or equivalent

With a blend of classroom and on water sessions we will weave our way through a beautiful archipelago both in daylight and at night to build your confidence as navigators. Using the tools of kayak navigation: compass, chart, and watch, we will help you master this very important skill allowing you to keep track of where you are on the water and when you need to take your next turn. You will learn to adjust for currents and wind, safely cross shipping lanes, hit your destinations on open crossings and arrive when you planned to! With solid navigation skills you will become the captain of your craft!

COASTAL LEADERSHIP TRAINING : Includes BCU 4 Star Leader Training Curriculum : Option A3 Days

FEE: US $525.00

Dates:Call us at the office to find out about upcoming dates or to set up a private session.
(360) 376 - 5388

Prerequisites: BCU 3 Star Award, Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planing Course

This course is designed to develop your personal skill level and leadership abilities to lead a group or journey as a team in moderate coastal waters. Emphasis will be on judging the conditions and the abilities of the group to make appropriate decisions about planned routes along with the need to modify plans as needed. Option A consists of 3 days on the outer coast of Washington with no overnight camping. Includes BCU 4 Star Leader Training Curriculum If you hold all the prerequisites for the New BCU 4 Star training ( ) This course will meet the required hours of formal training needed to attend an assessment.

COASTAL LEADERSHIP TRAINING : Includes BCU 4 Star Leader Training, Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning Curriculum : Option B 6 Days

FEE: US $825.00

Dates:May 14 - 19

Prerequisites: BCU 3 Star Award

This six day version of our coastal leadership courses is focused on leading and navigating in a tidal environment while camping along the way. This coarse will meet the BCU Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning prerequisite as well as the required 18 hours of BCU 4 Star training. Each day we will generate a risk assessment and trip plan. Each student will have an opportunity to lead and navigate the group for a full day through the tidal waters of the San Juan Islands. When not leading you will stay involved in the planning navigating and shepherding of the group and will be asked to work as a the co-leader.Option B consists of one day of classroom and 5 days on the inner tidal waters with 4 nights camping. This course will meet the required hours of formal training needed to attend an assessment. Note: this training will likely not include surf landings.


How To Register

Contact Body Boat Blade with the names and dates of the classes/trips you would like to register for. We can answer all of your questions, talk about class/trip prerequisites and requirements, and get you signed up!


Body Boat Blade accepts payment with most major credit cards, PayPal, cash (US only), and checks.

A deposit of 1/2 the class fee is due at the time of registration with the balance due at the time of the class.

Cancelation Policy

You can cancel and receive a full refund, minus a $25.00 office fee, if you cancel 30 days prior to the class date. You will not receive a refund if you cancel less than 30 days prior of the class date, unless we can fill your spot, in which case you get a full refund minus the $25.00 office fee.


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