Foundation Skills

Starting with a strong foundation will allow you to progress and master the "art" of kayaking so you can more quickly get on the water to the destinations you dream of.  Advanced paddlers with weak foundations will encounter problems achieving goals and possibly getting injured as they paddle in more demanding environments. Foundation courses develop good body awareness, balance, and understanding of how the boat and paddle interact with the water. A solid base of skills will make you a more effective and efficient paddler which will increase your fun and enjoyment of kayaking.

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Safety & Rescue

A successful kayak rescue could be the difference between life and death.  Learn simple kayak rescue skills that work anywhere - from calm water bays to dynamic water environments.  These series of Safety and Rescue classes help you to develop a large "tool box" of practical rescue skills that can be used when you need them most.  Gain the skill and confidence to preform a rescue and how to manage an incident before it gets out of hand. Take a rescue class each year as a refresher. Although the content is serious, the class is fun!

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Core Skills

Learning what it takes to be effective, efficient, and easy on the body; these series of fun kayaking classes are the core to your understanding and knowledge as a paddler.  Studying technique through the relationship between the body, the boat, and the blade, and then applying this knowledge to the environment is our goal. This series of classes will also help to further your understanding of camping from a kayak and help prepare you for planning your future kayak expeditions by developing a method of assessing risk, navigation, and trip planning.

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Advanced Skills

Starting with a solid foundation and understanding of core kayaking skills, these additional classes are designed to expand your horizon, and to deepen your knowledge and experience as a paddler.  Playing in tidal races, navigating at night,  learning “twenty seven” different ways to roll your kayak and learning how to lead a group will all enhance and strengthen your abilities and your confidence as a paddler of any craft.  These classes include the core knowledge for becoming an effective leader on the sea. Knowledge is good, more knowledge is better.  

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Private Coaching

Body Boat Blade is committed to the highest level of private coaching. We will work with you to accomplish your paddling goals, whether it is beginning skills, rescues, rolling, gaining confidence in rough water, BCU certification, or help with planning a trip. Working with one of our coaches 1-on-1 or in a semi-private session is a sure way to accelerate your learning curve and maximize your time on the water!

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BCU Training & Assessment

The British Canoe Union (BCU) is the most recognized and respected paddle sport coaching and awarding system in the world. All of Body Boat Blade's Coaches are trained and certified in the BCU and work within the remits of their awards, if you have taken any class from a Body Boat Blade coach you have already been exposed to the BCU. If you are an open minded learner who likes challenges the BCU will accelerate your mastery of this great sport.

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Coach Training

Body Boat Blade is owned and operated by two of the highest rated and passionate coaches in North America. Through years of experience training and assessing coaches around the world, they have gained a large "tool box" of skills and knowledge in the coaching process. If you aspire to be a great coach, Body Boat Blade is committed to creating learning environments and opportunities to best reach your goal and help you create your own coaching tool box.

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We offer classes dealing with fundamental boat handling skills, ocean currents, surf, coastal expeditions, white-water, guide training and coach education. These are fun programs held in some of the best learning environments in the Pacific Northwest!

You can expect a student to instructor ratio of 4:1, a lot of one-on-one time with instructors, and coaching that matches your learning style.

High quality boats, paddles and paddling equipment are packaged into all of our classes. This equipment is included in the class fee of all programs based on Orcas Island.

To register for any class, contact Body Boat Blade with the names and dates of the classes/trips you would like to take.

Not sure if a class is right for you? We can help you find a class that matches your skill level and paddling goals, answer all of your questions, talk about class/trip prerequisites and requirements, and get you signed up!


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