img 3-Day Expedition

Sea Kayak Expedition: 3 Day

For 3 days, you will be immersed in sea kayaking in the San Juan Islands. We will use the pull of the moon to go from one island to another, faster and with less effort. Our multi-day sea kayak adventures are the best way to experience the San Juan islands. We will eat seaweed, see awesome wildlife, and roast marshmallows by the campfire. We’ll work on paddling skills, go on hikes, and appreciate all the beauty this area has to offer.

While there is lots to learn on these trips, the emphasis is on the adventure. We will set up outdoor classrooms and give opportunities to work on specific skills, If you have specific goals you’re working on

Meals are provided on these trips. We will provide a menu 1 week before the trip that accommodates dietary restrictions, and you are welcome to supplement meals as you see fit. If you would like to provide your own meals, just let us know! We will remove the cost of the food from the price.

All Body Boat Blade Expeditions are done in single kayaks. If you’ve never kayaked before or have limited experience, consider taking a basic course first! Not interested in a course? Check out Anacortes Kayak Tours for beginner-friendly multi-day trips in the San Juan Islands.

Our 3 day expeditions go to two different locations:

Location 1: Cypress Island
Leaving from Anacortes we paddle to Cypress Island to make our camp. There are multiple campsites here, so we can move camp each night or set up a base camp and venture from there. Cypress is the 4th biggest of the San Juan Islands and has one of the most spectacular shorelines to explore. It has a large network of hiking trails and one of the best viewpoints in the entirety of the Islands, Eagle Cliff. This is a great location for groups of families and friends to have a spectacular weekend adventure in the San Juan Islands.

Locations 2: Sucia Island
This trip will leave from North Beach, Orcas Island, and requires a ferry ride to the Orcas Islands. The northern Islands are among the most beautiful in the islands. It feels like you’ve paddled into a prehistoric world as you round the knobby, eroded cliffs and rock formations. There are multiple Islands to explore near Sucia, including Matia, Patos, and Clark Island. Each island has hiking trails and epic viewpoints. Each day, we will explore a new area.

Custom Trips:

Have your own idea or dates in mind? Let us help you plan your trip! Contact us today to get started.

Trips depart from different locations. See Specific Dates.

See Specific Dates.
3 days
Start time:

Class Highlights

  • Grow your sea kayak skills
  • Outdoor classroom
  • Meals are provided
  • Time to explore and hike
  • Emphasis on adventure


All Body Boat Blade Expeditions are done in single kayaks. A basic understanding of moving your kayak is required for this course.

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