img Rolling-&-Bracing

Rolling and Bracing

For paddlers at any level capsize recoveries such as kayak rolling and effective bracing are among the most sought-after skills. Many of the mechanics of rolling and bracing are the same. At Body Boat Blade, we’ve developed an effective progression to get students to learn and be successful at these highly desired kayaking skills.

In this kayak class, we will spend time developing a solid understanding of what your body needs to do in order to recover from an off-balanced position whether it is a slight or a complete capsize. We will help you develop solid kayak rolling foundations for successful practice. Rolling is all about muscle memory. Developing your body awareness and breaking down the mechanics of a roll is where we will begin this course. We will spend time on land learning the movements and then take it to the water.

For coaches who teach these kayak skills, this is a great class to expand your “toolbox” in helping individuals work through problems learning these skills.

Bowman Bay
1/2 day (4 hours)
Start time:
9:00 am

Class Highlights

  • Different types of rolls and their effectiveness
  • Which roll works best for you
  • Exercises to develop muscle memory


Must be practiced and comfortable with wet exiting your kayak

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