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Navigation and Tidal Planning

With some time at the chart table, and some time on the water weaving your way through the beautiful San Juan Islands, you will learn the foundations of sea kayak navigation and tidal planning. You will be well on your way to becoming the captain of your craft, and ready to set out on your own adventure!

In this course we will learn how tides and currents operate, where to find the information to predict their timing, how to find and decipher weather information, reading a nautical chart, and how to plan a day on the sea. We will spend our time in the classroom planning an adventure for day 2, then you will put your plan into practice and learn ways to adjust it based on conditions! We will pull out compasses to learn basic use for fixing our position, learn about pacing, and navigating while on the move.

The first day of this course is spent in the classroom, and the second day is a full day on the water.

Fidalgo Island
Start time:
9:00 am

Class Highlights

  • Planning for wind, weather and tide
  • Where to find all the information you need to plan your own kayaking trip
  • Fundamentals of kayak navigation
  • How to use a compass


A basic understanding of moving your kayak is required for this course. If you’ve taken our Foundations Level 1 2-Day or equivalent course, that would meet this requirement!

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