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Kayak Certifications

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Body Boat Blade coaches are able to assess students for a variety of American Canoe Association and British Canoeing awards. See below what we offer and contact us today if you’re interested in training for an award, or going for an assessment! Some of our courses have personal skills awards built into them.

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British Canoeing Awards

Paddle Start
Experience your first session on the water; learning useful kayak skills for an enjoyable paddling experience. It aims to provide you with the basic knowledge to enable you to safely get in and out of your boat, make it move, and return to your starting point. This is your first step into the world of paddling, ensuring you feel safe, confident, and ready to progress to the Discover Award.
Paddle Discover
Your Discover Award allows you to develop your decision-making and practical skills for a fun and safe time on the water, taking you on the next steps towards becoming a proficient and independent paddler. Learn how to choose and effectively use the equipment, while developing an understanding of the factors which affect your kayaking; giving you the confidence to progress to making your own choices with the Explore Award.
Paddle Explore
Your Explore Award gives you ownership; allowing you to choose where you move next in the world of paddlesport. Working with a kayak coach you will be able to develop a program that suits what you need. Learn to make confident choices with this individualized approach. This award recognizes your ability to independently paddle your chosen craft in a sheltered water environment.
Sea Kayak Award
The Sea Kayak Award endorses your skill, judgment and decision making required for a successful day on the sea. You will be confident in planning and undertaking journeys on the sea, in winds up to and including force 3 and/or tides up to 1 Knot, using sea kayaks or sit on tops, in tidal or non-tidal environments, with proficient skills to be in control throughout. Your award should be seen as a sound basis for building the experience and knowledge associated with Coastal Sea Kayak Award holders.
Coastal Sea Kayak Award
The Coastal Sea Kayak Award helps you develop your ability to apply your paddling and decision making skills to a safe day out on the sea in winds up to force 4 and/or tides up to 2 knots, using sea kayaks or specific sit on tops in tidal or non-tidal environments. Using blended skills to be in control throughout the whole day, developing your efficient forward paddling, maintaining and changing direction, as well as safety considerations and rescues.
Sea Kayak Leader Award (Tidal & Non-Tidal)
The Sea Kayak Leader Award is open to anyone with experience of paddling in moderate tidal water with winds not exceeding Beaufort force 4. The award will enable you to lead fun, safe and enjoyable sea kayaking trips for groups of sea kayakers. Secondly, you will be supported to develop your personal and leadership skills with like-minded sea kayakers. Furthermore, this award is used by clubs, outdoor centers and organizations to support their sea kayak journeys on moderate tidal water. This includes short, single or multi-day journeys.

American Canoe Association Awards

Level 1 – 4 Skills training and assessments
Level 1-3 Trip Leader training and assessments

Class Highlights

  • Track your own long term development
  • Bolster your resume
  • Connect with the professional kayak community


Experienced kayakers who want to work on their certification pedigrees

Don’t see a course that fit’s your schedule? Check a courses availability by clicking “Add to cart” on the Course Listing page.

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img Personal Performance Awaards

Kayak Certifications

Kayaking certifications. Body Boat Blade has a suite of sea kayak assessment opportunities for kayakers who want to work on their certification pedigrees. Certifications are a great way to track your own long term development, to bolster your resume, and to connect with the professional kayak community.

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