img Introduction-to-Paddling-in-Curent

Intro: Paddling in Current

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The San Juan Islands provide the perfect classroom for people who wish to enrich their paddling experience safely explore the coastal environment. If you have never paddled on swift moving water before, this is the course for you.

You will be introduced to the moving water environment. You will take the flatwater kayaking skills that you have worked on and apply them to moving water. Your coaches will introduce new concepts that will enable you to effectively enter and exit tidal streams and cope with other features that moving water creates. Self-rescue techniques and assisted-rescue techniques will be introduced throughout the day. After taking this course you will have a foundation to build on your rough water skills which will make your kayaking more enjoyable when you are out on your own.

Our Deception Pass Clinic and Navigations & Tidal Planning courses are natural progressions and more in-depth versions of this course. You do not need to take this course before those courses:

Deception Pass Clinic

Navigation & Tidal Planning

Paddling in moving water requires a deeper awareness of the environment and the tools to plan properly. Develop your paddling skills in a dynamic environment while increasing your knowledge of the sea.

Class Highlights

  • Develop a base understanding of how tides operate
  • How are currents created
  • Effective paddle strokes for moving water
  • Rescue techniques in moving water


A basic understanding of moving your kayak is required for this course. If you’ve taken our Foundations Level 1 or 2, or equivalent course, that would meet this requirement!

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Deception Pass
1 day
Start time:
9:00 am

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