img Foundations-Level-2

Foundations Level 2

This sea kayaking class is intended for kayakers who have a solid grasp of their foundational skills and who want to learn more complex sea kayaking techniques to enhance their paddling experience.  We develop a deeper understanding of how to control our boats with certainty and ease.

In this course we will work on gaining mastery of edge control and blade awareness, linking strokes together, and learning dynamic strokes not introduced in our Foundations Level 1 course. We will also focus on the topics introduced in the Level 1 course to continue developing our understanding of our body-boat-blade connection. Rescues and safety skills will be practiced with intention, and we will explore situational techniques that build on what we learned in Level 1.

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Making your strokes and maneuvers more efficient means you can paddle longer, go farther with less chance of injury, and feel as you move through the water. Continue to build that solid foundation!

Bowman Bay
2 days
Start time:
9:00 am

Class Highlights

  • Expand your paddle stroke “tool box
  • Efficient use of paddle strokes
  • Develop your contextual understanding of kayak maneuvers (what to do when/where)
  • Increase speed of self/assisted rescues


Basic understanding of how to move your sea kayak using body, boat and blade; wet exits; foundational strokes. This class is a natural progression from Foundations Level 1.

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