img Foundations-Level-1

Foundations Level 1

This sea kayaking class is the starting place for beginners looking to get started with a solid foundation of the basics. This course is also appropriate for experienced paddlers who desire coaching to help build or bolster a solid foundation for their existing skills.

Ready for More? Try Foundations Level 2, 2-Day!

In this course, we will focus on efficient and ergonomic paddling techniques, body-boat-blade awareness, strokes for steering, going straight, and sideways. We will introduce safety and rescue tools and techniques including self and assisted rescues, towing and calling for help. We will also explore equipment options including different kayaks, drysuits, PFDs and Drysuits.

Foundation courses develop good body awareness, balance, and understanding of how the boat and paddle interact with the water. A solid base of skills will make you a more efficient paddler. The goal for this course is to promote efficient, effective, and ergonomic kayaking for long term paddler development.

Bowman Bay
2 days
Start time:
9:00 am

Class Highlights

  • Anatomy of your boat and equipment
  • Efficient launching and landing strategies
  • Wet exits & rescue techniques
  • Efficient kayak stroke technique
  • Basic Maneuvers for moving your kayak



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