img Deception Pass

Deception Pass Clinic

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Learn to master the challenge that is Deception Pass in this 2-day clinic. Deception Pass is world renowned as one of the best paddling destinations in the world and is our favorite classroom!

Participants in this kayak class will learn how to read the water, identify and navigate hazards, paddle efficiently, and how to have fun even when the water gets a little rough. Your kayak coaches will introduce concepts that will enable you to effectively enter and exit tidal streams and cope with other features that dynamic water creates. Self-rescue techniques and assisted-rescue techniques will be practiced throughout each day.

This class is mainly focused on understanding hydrodynamics and techniques for playing. If you are most interested in navigation and tidal planning, check out our Navigation and Tidal Planning course!

Navigation and Tidal Planning

After taking this course, you will have a foundation to build on your rough water skills, which will make your kayaking more enjoyable when you are out on your own.


Class Highlights

  • Crossing eddy lines
  • Reading moving water
  • Effective paddle strokes for moving water
  • Rescue techniques in moving water
  • Risk management and identifying hazards


This is a natural progression from our Introduction to Paddling in Currents course. It would also be appropriate for those who have taken Foundations Level 1 or 2. You must have at least a basic understanding of how to move your kayak, wet exits, and rescues.

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Deception Pass
2 days
Start time:
9:00 am

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