img Coastal Kayaking Clinic

Coastal Kayaking Clinic

The coaches at Body Boat Blade have designed a coastal kayaking clinic to help paddlers develop the skills needed to safely paddle in the coastal environment. We will paddle in the surf zone, getting through the break and back to the beach. We will explore the rocky outcrops that provide us with rock hopping opportunities. We will work on boat control skills that will allow us to navigate the coastal environment with elegance. We will also spend some time on shore looking at forecasting, reading swells, charts, and other important planning skills.

This 2-day clinic is as much a vacation as it is about learning. We will spend plenty of time working on skills, but not without time to enjoy the beauty and the area we are paddling in.

The course will be based entirely around Hobuck Beach and Cape Flattery, though it is possible that we will drive to another location depending on conditions.

We will meet at the Hobuck Beach campground at 9am on the first day. If you arrive the day before, come find us! We’ll be the ones with all the kayaks.

This clinic will be based at the North side of Hobuck Beach Resort. Camping here is first come, first serve. They also have cabins available for rent. You are welcome to find accommodation in town at Neah Bay or the surrounding area, but options are limited. The campground is the most convenient option and has showers & toilets. Neah Bay has amenities for food, water, and daily needs. Supplies are limited, but if you forget something you should be able to find it here.

We will be located on the Makah Reservation and each vehicle will need a Recreation Pass that can be purchased at the Museum, Grocery Store, Gas Station, or the campground.

Neah Bay/Hobuck Beach
2 days
Start time:
9:00 am

Class Highlights

  • Surf zone skills
  • Launching & landing
  • Rock hopping
  • Navigation
  • Risk assessment
  • Having fun on the coast!


Foundations Level 2 (or equivalent skills) and be comfortable swimming in turbulent water. Paddlers should have above a basic level of boat control. Paddlers should have an understanding of bracing. Paddlers should have an understanding of their gear and its use/fit.

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