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Coastal Kayaking Camp – Cape Flattery

This is the coastal kayaking adventure you’ve been looking for. For a week we will be immersed in all that Cape Flattery and the rugged Washington Coast has to offer. Surf, rocks, caves, arches, wildlife, and more await us. This Coastal Kayak Camp is focused on adventure & skills progression. We will work on your coastal kayaking skills that will allow you to navigate the coastal environment with elegance. We will also spend some time on shore looking at forecasting, reading swells, charts, and other important planning skills. We’ll get into the surf, around rocks, up close to cliffs, and take advantage of some of the amazing day trips around the area such kayaking to Point of Arches and kayaking around Cape Flattery!

This trip is appropriate for advanced beginner/intermediate level paddlers, as well as advanced paddlers!

This clinic will be led by Alex LaLonde and Ryan Hayes of Body Boat Blade. We will be joined by our good friend Bill Vonnegut of Pacific Coastal Kayaking!

At the most western point of the lower 48, this clinic will be based out of the at the North end of the Hobuck Beach Resort on the Makah Tribal Land. Our paddling areas will include Makah Bay, Neah Bay, Cape Flattery, Point of Arches, and more depending on what conditions are delivered during the week. This is one of the most epic paddling locations on the West Coast!

This clinic takes place from Sunday afternoon to Saturday morning. We will all arrive at Hobuck Beach Campground Sunday afternoon and get set up, and then have our first group dinner. We’ll stop for lunch in Port Angeles on the way to the coast. We will pack up after breakfast on Saturday and begin the trek back to Seattle. For those who will be flying out on Sunday, we recommend a late evening flight. We will aim to be on the road by 10 am, arriving in Seattle at 4 pm. We can’t predict traffic or road conditions, so please plan responsibly. 

AUGUST 11 – 17 & SEPTEMBER 15 – 21

When you select “Book Now” you will only see the start date highlighted in green. Click that date and it will expand to show you the full date range.

This clinic is fully catered. We will provide food and drink for 3 meals per day, including snacks. We can accommodate most dietary restrictions. We will have a large pop up tent set up for cooking/eating. If you would like to provide your own food please use code SC24 for a self-catered discount ($100 off)

**If you use this code, we will not provide any food or drink for you**.

If you are travelling in locally and are able to bring your own kayak & gear that is great! We will have plastic P&H kayak models available for use during the camp. We can provide the following for use during the camp:

  • P&H Kayak
  • Spray Deck
  • Paddle

You will need to bring your own immersion wear. Drysuits are best, though wetsuits will also work. The weather on the coast in August/September is generally in the 70’s, though the water temp is in the low 50’s.

If you are flying into Washington for this course we can provide transportation from Sea Tac airport, or we can pick you up from your accommodation in Seattle on Sunday morning. We will be driving a 15-passenger van. If you’re coming in the van AND bringing your own kayak, please let us know so we can save a spot on the trailer.

You’ll need to be available for pick up between 8-9 am. You can also take an Uber and meet us at a TBD location.

If you are driving yourself, the clinic will be located on the Makah Reservation and each vehicle will need a Recreation Pass that can be purchased at the Museum, Grocery Store, Gas Station, or the campground. You’ll also need to pay the fee to park your car at the campground, which is $25/night.

Neah Bay Camping at Hobuck Beach Oceanfront Resort (
Tent camping: We will cover camping for the group at the campground. You must bring your own tent and sleeping equipment. This clinic will be based at the North side of Hobuck Beach Resort.

Campground Amenities: The campground has showers and toilets. There are electrical outlets in a couple of places, but it’s best to bring your own charging block for cellphones, cameras, etc.

They also have cabins available for rent. If you choose to book a cabin or other accommodation, you will be on your own for that. You are welcome to find accommodation in town at Neah Bay or the surrounding area, but options are limited. The campground is the most convenient option and has showers & toilets.

The Town of Neah Bay has amenities for food, water, and daily needs. Supplies are limited, but if you forget something, you should be able to find it here.

Hobuck Beach - North Beach
5 paddling days, 7 days total
Start time:
9:00 am

Class Highlights

  • Surf Zone skills
  • Launching & landing
  • Rock hopping
  • Navigation
  • Risk assessment
  • Build community
  • Having fun on the Coast!


Foundations Level 2 and Intro to Surf Kayaking (or equivalent skills) and be comfortable swimming in turbulent water. Paddlers should have above a basic level of boat control. Paddlers should have an understanding of bracing. Paddlers should have an solid understanding of their gear and its use/fit. If you're not sure if this is the right course for you, get in touch!

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