British Canoeing

British Canoeing Personal Performance Awards

Body Boat Blade has a suite of assessment opportunities for kayakers who want to work on their certification pedigrees. Certifications are a great way to track your own long term […]

Advanced Kayak Skills Training

Coach–Participant Ratio 1:4 Starting with a solid foundation and understanding of core kayaking skills, these additional classes are designed to expand your horizon and to deepen your knowledge and experience […]

Safety and Rescue

Safety and Rescue

Learn different methods of self and assisted rescue, how to call for help, and add tools to the toolbox for dealing with unexpected incidents. 

Private Coaching

Private Coaching

Body Boat Blade is committed to the highest level of private coaching. We will work with you to accomplish your paddling goals, whether it is beginning skills, rescues, rolling, gaining […]

Core Skills–Sea Kayak

Body Boat Blade Advanced Skill Training

Coach-Participant Ratio 1:6 Learning what it takes to be effective, efficient, and easy on the body; these series of fun kayaking classes are the core to your understanding and knowledge […]

Foundation Skills–Sea Kayak

Foundation Skills

Starting with a strong foundation in your kayak skills will allow you to progress quickly and master the “art” of kayaking. Experienced paddlers with weak foundations often encounter problems achieving […]