We made it to Port Hardy, 14 days

Shawna and Leon's boatsHi Everyone!

A quick update from Shawna and Leon! We are alive and well and enjoying our trip around Vancouver Island so far! We made it to Port Hardy in 14 days, pushing a bit to get here so that we can slow it down on the outside. We have met our friends Justine Curgenven who will go around the brooks Peninsula with us, and Seth Albanese who will go around Cape Scott with us.

It has been an incredible trip of many wildlife sightings, much interesting water, and mostly good weather. On the inside we passed transient Orcas Whales, saw bear tracks on the beach, and eagles and seals are everyday companions! It is an incredible island with so much to see. Shawna has had some time to paint and looks forward to long afternoons painting on the outer coast beaches. Leon has been perfecting the art of walking the length of the beaches all on the big logs without stepping onto the sand! Life is good out here and we hope everyone is having a great August and is finding some time to do some paddling. We will try to update on our next resupply in Tofino.

Take care,
Shawna and Leon


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