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Jelly FishEveryone asks us: "Do you have any big trips coming up?"
Our answer this summer is: "Yes!"

We are leaving from our home on Orcas Island on July 25, 2011 with the intention of paddling around Vancouver Island. Our plan is simple: 44 days in sea kayaks, 700 nautical miles, unsupported, counter clockwise.

We want to paddle together, in a beautifully wild, and inspiring place that is near to our home and does not require a plane ticket or an automobile to get us to the water. We want to take our time along the way so that we can sleep in some mornings, paint a picture, drink coffee and read a book, and have the time to watch a bear meander across the beach. Our past expeditions have always had the element of pushing hard, and going at a fast pace all so that we could succeed at the mission. Our intent on this trip is to go at a pace that allows us more time to witness the life that is around us. The jelly fish is our trip mascot. An animal that represents the sea, is relatively slow moving, meanders and is resourceful.

We feel that nothing teaches us more about our sport than to immerse ourselves in an expedition; planning for the currents, reading the weather, navigating, finding water, planning meals, packing the boats. We come home rejuvenated and ready to share with our students the life lessons and the new things we learned along the way.

These trips help us to remain sane in an ever increasingly complex and difficult world, they help us to become better coaches and they also help to fortify our amazement of the beauty of this planet which makes us work harder when we return home in our daily lives to ensure that future paddlers have the same opportunities that we do.


Leon is getting ready to kayakStar FishShawna and Leon CampingShawna paddling


When we return, we will gladly share our stories, paintings, and pictures. We want to encourage people to join us by slowing down, un-plugging, and getting outside in nature.


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