The team at Body Boat Blade International are some of the most qualified, dedicated, and passionate coaches in the Pacific Northwest. Body Boat Blade was voted the best kayak school in the west two times by Sea kayaker Magazines readers choice award.  All Coaches at Body Boat Blade are certified by the American Canoe Association and British Canoeing, the internationally recognized Gold Standard of coaching and skills awards. At Body Boat Blade we guaranty Professional Quality Coaching and Leadership to every student every time!

Alex LaLonde

Coach, Principal
Happiest in the seat of a kayak, Alex is passionate and enthusiastic about all forms of adventure sport. He can most commonly be found floating down his local rivers, coastlines, or exploring waterways across the globe. Check out some of the most notable places he’s paddled.
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Ryan Hayes

Coach, All-Season Adventurer
Hailing from upstate New York, Ryan Hayes is a talented coach in many disciplines. In the summer he guides and coaches whitewater and sea kayaking, and in the winter he heads back east to teach snowboarding on the slopes of Vermont. Paired with a background in business administration, we’re happy to have Ryan on the Body Boat Blade team!
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Erika O’Leary

Coach, Inspired and Energetic
Erika is a coastal kayaker and instructor who delights in helping students develop confidence and competence on the water. She is certified as an ACA (American Canoe Association) Level 3 Coastal Kayaking Instructor.
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Reyn Hutten

Coach, Explorer
Reyn spent her younger days in the coastal forests and beaches of northwestern Washington (not far from the San Juans!) and in the Inside Passage of Southeast Alaska, swimming in freezing water and playing in boats big and small. Through expeditions in the Bay of Fundy to rock gardening in Mexico and Iceland, she has become captivated by sea kayaking and galvanized by the kayak community and a student-centered learning model.
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Sasha Calvey

Coach, World Citizen
Sasha was born in Oklahoma and lived the majority of her life in the UK.
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Graton Gathright

Coach, Melts Away Obstacles
Graton is a sea kayaker and coach whose kayaking playground is the coastal waters of Washington and Vancouver Island. Graton’s loves to kayak the “rough waters”–the surf zone, tide races, and rock gardens.
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